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Articles for ASCAS website

inscribed perfume bottleFred Sinfield presents 'A flacon and a lighter ' the story of a perfume flacon presented to delegates participating in 1912 in the Conference ratifying the Convention Radiotelegraphique Internationale click here
helmet shaped Georgian cream jug Hester Bateman 1787An article on famous Bateman silversmiths family 'A female silversmith: Hester Bateman 1708 - 1794'
by Charles Cook (courtesy of Charles Cook - The Lion Passant).
click here
George C. Shreve & C. Trophy, silver, gold, gold quartz, San Francisco 1883Dorothea Burstyn presents 'Forging Modernities: California Metals in Context' a conference held in Oakland and the Bay Area on November 12 - 14, 2004. The aim of the conference was to examine the development of modernity in California and to give an up to date description of the modern scene in metalsmithing.
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List of members

Welcome to new ASCAS members:

Penelope Andrews - USA
Richard Archer - USA
Libba Barnes - USA
Robbin Roger Beever de Beauvoir - USA
Tom Bennett - England UK
Rudi Boem - Italy
Grant Brophy - USA
Shaun Bruce - England UK
Ray Chastain - USA
Chris Drake - USA
Jayne W. Dye - USA
Rachel Franklin - USA
David L. Jr Frothingham - USA
Grigore Girjoaba - Romania
Barbara Gray - USA
Robin Greenwald - USA
Giorgio Guida - Italy
Antonio Iannantuoni - Italy
Sandra Kampf - USA
William Kelly - USA

Paolo Leonelli - Italy
Justin Lewis - England UK
Joyce McDonald - USA
Carol McKillop-Masch - Scotland UK
Andrew Nadell - USA
Massimo Pasquinelli - Italy
Marion Pathey-Johns - Australia
Andrea Perego - Italy
Yvonne Pinter - USA
Philippe Rauscher - France
Sharon Romano - Israel
Kathy Romero - USA
Lisa Samual - England
Sam L. Samuels - USA
Jolie Shelton - USA
Michael Wells - USA
Diana S. Wheeler - USA
H. Widdas - USA
Scott Williams - USA
R.L. Willmarth - USA


ASCAS has now 168 members.
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Members' Window # 8

coffee pot
Walker & Hall
Sheffield 1902Giorgio Busetto and Mario Rosario Bonello present 'A Walker & Hall coffee pot'. This sterling silver coffee pot was made in Sheffield in 1902 by Walker & Hall firm. click here

Questions from ASCAS members

Maurizio Perota submits the photos of its covered jug with Berthold Muller, London importation mark of 1910.

steling silver
covered jug jug cover handle 
decorations cover
of arms
hallmarks unknown 
(click on images to enlarge)

Do any members recognize the marks of the maker of this 'Hanau silver'?

Two replies to Richard McDanel's question in November newsletter

Bill Kime writes:

caviar bowl ....sugar bowl ... covered cup ...With reference to Richard McDanel's question about the marks on a sauce boat and a tureen, featured in the ASCAS newsletter #7, November, 2004, I've seen similar marks on silver plated wares here in Canada on several occasions... (more... click here)

What is this piece ???

Gerald Gerhart writes:
I am forwarding some photos in the hope that you or one of the other members can help me to identify this unusual piece.
As you can see from the photos, this piece is silver-gilt with a repousse design on the top lid. It is hallmarked London 1894 and has a maker's mark that seems to be "G.LeJ".
It weighs approximately 10 oz. (350 g) and is 3 3/4 in x 2 1/4 in x 1 3/4 in (95 mm x 55mm x 45 mm). When opened (it has a snap closing), the top reveals two wire supports that fold upwards. The bottom has a 3 in. (75 mm) slot and a threaded hole that looks as though it might be used to mount something that might slide (for adjustment) and rest on the two supports.
My best guess is that it may have been used to mount some sort of scientific instrument, but I may be way off-base!
If you, or anyone else in ASCAS has any idea what this would have been used for, I would greatly appreciate your input.
Gerry Gerhart

mistery item
London 1894 mistery item
London 1894 mistery item
London 1894
(click on images to enlarge)

I've received from Don Richardson, a visitor of our website, a photo of an unusual object. Don writes in his e-mail:
'Is this an antique or what is it exactly, my child broke the glass and would like to have a new one made. But I do not know if it is worth it. '

I don't know what this strange object is used for but I'm sure that ASCAS members will resolve this little mystery.

ASCAS on line... and... ASCAS on paper...

jacketThe most important Italian antiques magazine 'Antiquariato' (Giorgio Mondadori Editore) on its November 2004 issue devoted a wide review of our website and to ASCAS' activity.
Furthermore, all the websites reviewed by Antiquariato's staff on this page (devoted to silver 'on line') belong to ASCAS members: (Tom Guarrera) (Giorgio Busetto) (Rafe H. Nottage).
This is a concrete proof of the interest and visibility obtained by ASCAS among people interested to antiques.
Maybe other magazines in other countries have published news about ASCAS. Your informations will be welcomed.
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Closing our December newsletter I hope you have appreciated its content.
Your comments, suggestions and advices will be of great help.
My thanks to Mario Rosario Bonello, Dorothea Burstyn, Charles Cook, Hymie Dinerstein, Jayne Dye, Gerald Gerhart, Bill Kime, Maurizio Perota and Fred Sinfield, for their precious contributions.

Giorgio Busetto