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newsletter # 160 September 2017
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A new article for ASCAS website

Patricia F. Singer presents:

A Masterpiece Gone Missing: The Silver Replica of the Sloop Defender English version

In 1895, the America's Cup regatta pitted a US boat named The Defender against a British vessel named Valkyrie III. For the US, there was a good bit of national pride riding on beating the British, who had been perpetual opponents since 1851. The sleek, costly sailboats in the race were like national sports teams writ large, attended by hosts of journalists, glamorous spectators, and fabulously wealthy sponsors (including a Vanderbilt in 1895).

The Defender was especially noted because its famed designer, the American maritime engineer Nathanael Herreshoff, had designed and constructed it in deep secrecy. After the regatta ended, the yacht's fame rose further from a dispute over an accident during the contest itself. The Defender was awarded the America's Cup on a decision........
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English version

New members

Welcome to new ASCAS members:

Warren Danos - USA
Henry Duval - USA
Mike Folan - South Africa
Maria Natalini - Argentina
Jane Panama - USA
Chase Underwood - USA

Mail to ASCAS: e-mail

Aldo Schina writes:
...I ask again your help to identify the marks on a coffee or chocolate pot. They look very strange to me..
What do you think about?
Thank you very much
Aldo Schina

Jean-Baptiste Kersulec writes:
...I try to identify the mark on the silver mount of a dish with Japanese decor.
Your help would be greatly appreciated
Jean-Baptiste Kersulec

The initials are difficult to read; anyway the maker was identified as Charles Forgelot.
He was active 1901-1928 at 4 Avenue de Clichy, Paris. The symbol is "une forge portable"
Giorgio Busetto

Replies to questions

Roslyn Zelenka receives this answer about her silver dishes (see August 2017 Newsletter)

Karin Sixl-Daniell writes
It appears that the bowl has got the Diana mark without the two on mark (between 1867 and 1872, this was done this way, after 1872 both fineness ('3' in this case) and the town letter were inside the cartouche). For more on this, see Neuwirth, Wiener Gold- und Silberschmiede und ihre Punzen 1867-1922, Vol. 1, p. 60, hallmark #2.
Lienz was not in use, but Linz was, and there, the 'B' was used. If the mark is Viennese, the shape of the cartouche for the maker points potentially to quite well-known Hermann Südfeld (if polished a lot, see Neuwirth p.p. 240-241), or Heinrich Striebral (Neuwirth, p. 233) .

Andrew J. Brasch receives this answer about his mark (see August 2017 Newsletter)

Karin Sixl-Daniell writes
This is J.W. Quist from Esslingen, both first registered and first reported in 1900 (Neuwirth, Markenlexikon fuer Kunstgewerbe, Vol. 1, Germany. Vienna, 1978, p. 21, mark #61). Apparently, the company once held 25% in WMF but went bankrupt in the 1980s. Some info on them can be found at as well as in Wikipedia:


In this column we presents a page obtained from makers' brochures, books, auction catalogs, advertising or whatever other printed paper, related to silver, that may be of interest for ASCAS members.
The images will be published at a "low resolution" level and for private and personal use only.
This column is published under the kind permission of Giorgio Busetto's website


This month ASCAS presents a table of sterling silver and silverplate trade marks of

Huttons were taken over by James Dixon & Sons in 1931. The image is obtained from a Dixon catalog in use in the 1970s.
Further information and marks about Wm. Hutton & Sons are available at

table of sterling silver and silverplate trade marks of Wm. Hutton & Sons


In this column we present an abstract from a page of the "What is? Silver Dictionary"
courtesy of home page leave your LIKE on facebook


Ewer is a type of large jug that has a tall, deep bowl on a stemmed base and has a single vertical scroll handle. The handle can be figural or harp-shaped extending above the rim of the mouth.
The bowl is sometimes of ovoid shape with a narrow tall neck, but is usually cylindrical, baluster-shaped or helmet shaped.
Until the introduction of the fork ewers and basins were an essential part of the dining and the washing ceremony a recognized part of the dining table etiquette. A servant hold a silver basin in front of each guest, another poured the water from the ewer over the hands of the guest into the basin.
A towel with which the diner dried his hands concluded the ceremony.... MORE...


In this column we present marks, information and history of silversmiths and silver manufacturers.
This column is published under the kind permission of Giorgio Busetto's website home page


Founded by Wm. H. Jamoneau in 1886 as Alvin Mfg Co in Irvington, New Jersey.
The firm changed to Alvin-Beiderhase Co (c. 1893) under the management of Wm. H. Jamoneau, Henry H. Leibe and George B. Beiderhase moving in 1895 to Sag Harbour, Long Island.
In 1897 Alvin-Beiderhase Co, maker of Official World Fair souvenir spoons for 1893-94 Chicago Columbian Exposition, was purchased by Joseph Fahys & Co (watch-case manufacturer) operating as a branch until 1910..... MORE...


In this column we present images and descriptions of Crests and Mottoes of British, Irish and Scottish families as engraved on silver items.
This column is published under the kind permission of Giorgio Busetto's website home page



family crest: ALLANSON

The crest of Allanson family
The Latin motto is 'Virtute et labore' (by bravery and labour)
The crest is described as 'a demi lion, rampant, gardant, or, on dexter a cross'
The crest was found on a pair of silver tea tongs hallmarked "lion and WH" (William Harrison I, entry 1758)

mark of William Harrison I, London c. 1758 on a silver tea tong with Allanson family crest
silver tea tong with Allanson family crest

- 1780 -

This table is obtained from The Book of Entries of the Names, Places of abode and Marks of the several Silversmiths and Plate Workers residing in Sheffield, or within twenty miles thereof, who are required to send their goods to the Assay Office, lately established in the Town of Sheffield by an Act of Parliament lately passed in the Thirteenth Year of the Reign of King George the Third intituled:
An Act for appointing Wardens and Assaymasters for
Assaying Wrought Plate in the Towns of Sheffield
and Birmingham

YEAR 1780

Sheffield Assay Office: hallmarks register
Sheffield Assay Office: 1780 hallmarks register
Sheffield Assay Office: 1780 hallmarks register

Closing our September 2017 edition of ASCAS Newsletter I hope you have appreciated its content.
Your comments, suggestions and advice will be of great help.

My thanks to Jean-Baptiste Kersulec, Aldo Schina, Patricia F. Singer and Karin Sixl-Daniell for their precious contributions.

Giorgio Busetto


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