ASCAS Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver
Members' Window # 118
by Elvira Ter Horst
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I am the founder (and leader) of a foundation called Foundation Palace North in The Netherlands. Because of this good cause (non-profit organisation) we get a lot of objects as gift.
And therefore my duty is also to turn the objects into sales for the foundation.
With the money we get for this objects (when they are sold...) we support our projects for children and older people. Our main goal is to create a multi-generational family feeling (from baby to the age of 92 (our oldest lady in our neighbourhood) for people who don't have it at their own homes or around.
We create meetings to interact with each other....all ages.
So you understand our investigations to get as much information as I can on objects, coming from around the world.
I also teach and pass this knowledge on to my young volunteers (Lesley, Quincey, Ben and Gino). So they also get fired up with interest in "the search" to reveal the object.
During my search, which is not always successful, I can wish some help with mystery hallmarks.....
And sometimes I solved the mystery and getting to know the story of an object.
Sometimes I get the objects already with a story of their own... like it has already lived a life....or more.

Hereby a mystery to solve and a conclusion found....finally....
Because these two were so tiny we had to lay them (as good as) under a microscope.

This is the mystery of a silver Byzantium orthodox cross.
We revealed the symbols (with help of the family).
We also know it is special (custom) made and age must be between 1883-1937.
It's brought from donors 'second' home in France. But not necessary made there!
Here the meaning and info about the silver cross pendant.
Beautiful antique silver 2 sided praying meditation cross hanger with Jasseron chain.
The cross is inspired by the Bible passage: I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5) and is adorned with grapes and leaves and finished with a Maltese swastika (flowercross), doves and grapes.
On the other side the middle is the symbol of the (religious) Tree of Life.

Cross: 7.5cm long x 5.5cm wide x 0.10- 0.30cm thick
Jasseron chain: 24cm long.

Marks: as far as we could read with the microscope (100x 200x)
A capitol S- a small long t- a small little e more aligned above- a tiny point or - then a square with a flat corner on the left top and a flat corner on the corner right under- after this symbol a capitol R all in a diamond shape outline.
But nothing sure in a mystery :-)

The conclusion found on another object from the same family (and no surprise ...around the same age)
A silver Art Deco floral lacquer / wax seal stamp with monogram and mark.

After a lot of searching (not knowing what the head was) looked with the microscope again and found the mark with the boar head in a triangle a Dutch Encyclopedia site (     .....never found when you are not knowing what you are looking for), translated as a Taxmark for imported silver items. Proof that the taxes were paid for! (1852- 1927.... which is close enough to the period, told by the family).

The pictures are in the quality as good as possible!

Elvira Ter Horst
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